Let’s Plant It!

Designed for your youngest authors, Let’s Plant It! provides kindergarten to grade 2 students with the opportunity to explore and expand upon relatable topics.

How does a seed idea book work? The book includes two stickers per topic. Students enjoy exploring the given topics by filling the blank stickers with their images and captions.

When writing time comes, students leaf through their sticker albums and choose which idea they want to expand on. They transfer their sticker to their author’s notebooks or student writing journals (fits right into the Let’s Think About It! book), where they can continue to expand on their idea in writing (elementary students) or by adding more detailed illustrations with age-appropriate sentences or captions (preschoolers).

If you’ve ever endured 20+ young students complaining that they “don’t know what to write about” during writing time, Let’s Plant It! will bring blessed peace to your classroom as your young writers select an idea they love and quickly get to work!




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