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Zisel Roth & Mindy Reifer

Zisel Roth, MS has dedicated the past 20 years of her professional life to researching and authoring grammar and writing instructional materials. From a very young age, she exhibited a strong love for language and acquired professional mentors to help enhance her skills. In high school, a New York Times editor took an interest in her and was instrumental in helping ZR hone her ability to deliver the written word with clarity and precision.

Zisel graduated college with an MS in special education. In her experience as a teacher, she noted that the salient factor that impacts students’ ability to learn is their language proficiency and ability to communicate effectively. As such, she focused intently on sharing the gift and joy of articulate communication with elementary and middle school students. Her goal is to provide them with a crucial foundation for success in school and beyond.

Mindy Reifer, MA is a Triple C Language Arts partner and the co-founder of Empowering Classroom Solutions, LLC.

Mindy began her career in education in the 1990s as a student aide for students with disabilities before working as a classroom teacher. Mindy advanced to become the ELA  curriculum coordinator at a K-12 private school in Maryland and is currently the assistant principal at a cutting-edge private school in Rockland County, New York.

Mindy also shares her decades of professional experience with the greater education community as an ELA instructor and teacher mentor focusing on curriculum implementation, core comprehension, technology in the classroom, and grammar and writing skills.

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